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Our Community is unique due to various factors. Few of them are mentioned below:

Join our world Find an access key from another Community Member. Our community is private and protected.
Share you contents Finally in HAPPYDEMY, your contents have a REAL value. Every single activity will generate you income
Share Globally You can share content, profiles or posts from within this community to many social networking sites globally.

Happydemy® was born to change the internet

Without proper sense of caring, there can be no sense of building Community. We Treasure the relationships here & not the possessions.

Why is HAPPYDEMY® unique world wide?

HAPPYDEMY® is the first platform in the world that is paying you for your contents, and...

EARNINGS HAPPYDEMY® is the first platform in the world, where the community pays you for your contents.
PROTECTION HAPPYDEMY® is the first European social media. We fully respect your identity and your data. WE WILL NEVER SELL THEM.
KNOWLEDGE HAPPYDEMY® is knowledge and the power is in it. Our community is created to share all the information you need in a "freedom of speech" enviroment.
STORES HAPPYDEMY® is created to offer high quality products and services. Our Businesses are strictly selected by us and by the community itself.
ALL IN ONE HAPPYDEMY® is the first ALL IN ONE platform in the world. Communication, Shopping, Entertainment, Games, Business and more. Everything you need, all in one.
CONTESTS HAPPYDEMY®, with its community, creates contests, rewards and much more to build new projects, ideas, and concepts.
ENTERTAINMENT HAPPYDEMY® is changing the relationship between the artists and the audience. Create new successful artists and reward them directly.
BUSINESS HAPPYDEMY® offers a new sales channel for all the Businesses that offer high quality products and services.
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Our Community is unique due to various factors. Few of them are mentioned below:

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100,000,000 Members
250,000 Artists
1,000,000 Products
770,000 Businesses