HAPPYDEMY® company was born in 2015, from the idea of its Founder Gian Paolo De Santi.

The idea was to change how the user can participate in the biggest market in the world. Internet.

HAPPYDEMY® is not just a digital platform. It's a whole world in your hands.


At first reading, the phrase often used by previous generations immediately springs to mind. "A penny saved is a penny earned", and in some ways, it could even be true.

However, in reality, it is not, as the savings will never satisfying people as they gain.

A company can never offer a saving more significant than the production cost.

The gain, on the other side, has no limits.

To save, you still have to buy.

To make a profit, you have to make others "buy" and the number of people that can buy will always be higher than the number of purchases you can make.

With this philosophy, HAPPYDEMY® is born.

HAPPYDEMY® aims to place itself on the market as an absolute novelty for the following reasons:

1. First ALL IN ONE platform in the world (Communication, Shopping, Entertainment, Business within a single site)

2. Direct earn from your contents (posts, photos, videos, groups, pages, online stores and much more)

3. Direct and indirect earnings from purchases of friends and acquaintances

4. E-Commerce based on high-quality service products

5. Private and closed platform

6. Privacy and data protection (GPDR compliant)

7. Selected and qualified companies

These are just some of the points that allow us to repeat the opening sentence of the previous page:

«HAPPYDEMY® will revolutionize the internet world, forever.»

A strong phrase that for some will undoubtedly be crazy, but as history teaches, the fools are those who revolutionize the world.