HAPPYDEMY® was born in 2015 from an idea by Gian Paolo De Santi.

HAPPYDEMY® is a company specialized in online marketing and the development of software with high technological and philosophical innovation. The creation of new generation software and applications, combined with a new business development model it's our core business. HAPPYDEMY® is a registered trademark.

Company History

The idea of ​​HAPPYDEMY® was born in 2015 by its founder Gian Paolo De Santi, after a personal experience that made him understand that the world, as we see it today, is a simple mask, where are hidden countless opportunities. The basis of HAPPYDEMY® is the creation of a new model of economic and social development, where technology is entirely at the service of the user and not the other way around. From this concept comes HAPPYDEMY®, the first ALL IN ONE platform in the world.

In 2015 the development of HAPPYDEMY® began with the first tests to understand if this idea was only utopian or could be a significant and reliable reality.

2016 is the year of preparation and development of the entire technological structure, and 2018 is the year of startup.

In this year, we started to develop the new commercial structure, identifying the three figures of the entire project: community members, community funder, and community manager.

From this date, the entire system began to develop on all fronts, towards the realization of the leading project, HAPPYDEMY®.


The world has radically changed. Economies are collapsing. Companies that will not hook up to the internet will have a challenging future. Within 2025, an estimated 400 million jobs, will be replaced by robots. The single person, today, is becoming increasingly poor in economic and values; from this world, HAPPYDEMY® is born.

The HAPPYDEMY® project has established a different philosophical/moral basis, namely to recreate all the best products, services, and projects in the world, but this time with three substantial differences:

  • User co-ownership
  • Protection of the user’s identity
  • Earnings

Users are taking advantage of the platform.

Its potential today is almost unlimited.

It has no competitor in its development model.

It has no competitors in its sharing volume.

It has no competitors in its implementation.

Also, its potential can now be listed as follows:

  • - 360 ° commercial development
  • - Monetization of its contents
  • - Monetization of the activities of one's friends
  • - Creation of jobs
  • - Newmarket for SMEs
  • - Guaranteed high-quality products, services, and content
  • - Deleting the word "Free."
  • - New closed-loop economy
  • - Enhancement of the human being
  • - Social evolution
  • - Qualitative filter
  • - Technological development
  • - Philosophical development
  • - Ideal
  • - Artistic / cultural recreation
  • - Certified identity


HAPPYDEMY®’s Philosophy and Principles

The search for oneself through sharing with others.

The main rules of life are the philosophy of HAPPYDEMY® and can be partly listed as follows:

- Respect (for yourself and others)

- Trust (in our community and in the members that make it up)

- Harmony (among community members)

- Love (for oneself and others)

- Collaboration (among community members)

- Knowledge (shared)

- Sharing (donate to receive)

- Union (brotherhood)

- Identity (nosce te ipsum. Maintaining one's identity)

- Equality (all members are considered and treated as such)

- Freedom (to be)

- Tolerance (erring human east)

- Being (the essence of life)

- Modesty (Quality of those who are aware of their limitations, do not show presumption, do not flaunt their qualities)

- Moreover, all those forms that allow a human being the possibility of expressing his essence

They are also not tolerated:

- I hate (what touches us most and must be solved)

- Envy (what we would like to be)

- Jealousy (what we would like to have)

- Ignorance (lack of study and knowledge does not allow us to be free)

- Dogma (the lack of doubts and therefore of research)

- Opinions (without knowledge base of the topic)

- Falsehood (with oneself and thus with others)

- Disarmonia (creation of a peaceful environment)

- Humility ("humilis" = "low," in a broad sense the maintenance of peoples under a targeted dominance)

- Selfishness (understood in a strictly material way)

- Also, all those forms of principle that can bring a negative feeling


This is our philosophy, and these are our principles.

The core values ​​of HAPPYDEMY® apply as rules and contracts.

For this reason, HAPPYDEMY® reserves the right to suspend or eliminate a Member if it does not respect these principles and values.

HAPPYDEMY® is not just business; HAPPYDEMY® is a philosophy of life.

A true and real sharing where all participants support each other in all phases of development, management, and implementation.

- Thanks to the community funders, the projects are realized.

- Thanks to the community managers, the projects are known.

- Thanks to community members, projects are used.



The HAPPYDEMY® Regulation sets forth the terms and conditions of the performance activities and defines the rights, duties, and responsibilities of each member.

The HAPPYDEMY® regulation aims to protect the interests of all members and HAPPYDEMY®. Together with the additional policies of HAPPYDEMY®, the HAPPYDEMY® Regulation constitutes an integral and substantial part in the regulation of the relations between the members and HAPPYDEMY® and are expressly included, as part of this Regulation, by reference in the Application that new members sign and submit to HAPPYDEMY®, or the Member’s application forms.



The Appointment Application is forwarded to HAPPYDEMY® during the registration phase and is considered tacitly accepted unless HAPPYDEMY® has expressly refused the request within 90 (ninety) days from the forwarding date, period in which the Member is evaluated by the community, in accordance with the provisions of this regulation.

The application can be submitted using the official website HAPPYDEMY®.com, where, after completing the registration, a summary document will be displayed that the member will have to print (the report can also be viewed in the appropriate section within site).

By the nomination request, the member will have the opportunity to promote the HAPPYDEMY® philosophy, will have the opportunity to sponsor other members, to earn bonuses and additional compensation under the HAPPYDEMY® Economic Development Plan and will be able to obtain qualifications and awards.

The suitability for obtaining awards, compensation, and prizes is subject to the compliance and terms of these HAPPYDEMY® Regulations, the HAPPYDEMY® Economic Development Plan and the Rules of Conduct and the HAPPYDEMY® Policies.

Maintaining an active member position, the member in the Sponsorship Line, has the right to receive bonuses and compensations based on the HAPPYDEMY® Economic Development Plan and is entitled to obtain recognition of qualifications, awards and rewards in accordance with the HAPPYDEMY® Economic Development Plan, including the Rules of Conduct and the HAPPYDEMY® Policies.



Without limitation to the right of HAPPYDEMY® to accept the Application for Appointment, a person who acquires or renews an account must meet the following requirements:

1) must have legal capacity, or be at least 18 years old and be able to understand and want, to be able to carry out an activity and assume binding contractual obligations; be duly authorized to undertake professional activities, by the provisions of current law;

2) must comply with the requirements of these HAPPYDEMY® Regulations.

3) must not have suffered the resolution of a previous account with HAPPYDEMY®, except for the unquestionable judgment of readmission by HAPPYDEMY® for exceptional cases.

4) must not have another HAPPYDEMY® account, with another code.

5) must not perform, within HAPPYDEMY®, illegal activities and prohibited by the law of their country of residence.



HAPPYDEMY® may, from time to time, modify, in whole or in part, its own Rules and Policies as well as all the provisions of the HAPPYDEMY® Regulation.

Changes to the HAPPYDEMY® regulation, the HAPPYDEMY® Policy, and the HAPPYDEMY® Economic Development Plan will be submitted to the HAPPYDEMY® Grand Council (read the official document on the HAPPYDEMY® hierarchical structure) - and to the International Council of Members. To discuss and evaluate them before the new Rules of Conduct or the Policies are published in the official HAPPYDEMY® documentation, on the official HAPPYDEMY® sites or disseminated by any other means provided for by law. All changes will be effective from the date of publication or as defined in the Official HAPPYDEMY® communications


If a rule or a section in force are declared void by a Court or other Authority, this provision will not affect the validity of the remaining rules of the HAPPYDEMY® Regulation.



The HAPPYDEMY® Activity must be presented as an activity that offers equal opportunities and is open to all people, regardless of ethnicity, sex, nationality, religious, or political beliefs. No potential member, as a condition to become a member, or as a condition for receiving assistance in developing his HAPPYDEMY® Activity, may be required to:

  1. a) purchase a predetermined quantity of products and services;
  2. b) buy Business Support Material.



Unless the period has been renewed monthly, through payment of at least one license, the status of HAPPYDEMY® member automatically ceases on the 365th solar day (1 calendar year), from the date of the request and signing of the Appointment Application, or the last payment for renewal of at least one license; unless the member or HAPPYDEMY® decides to terminate the relationship before the deadline.



The renewal of each HAPPYDEMY® license has a frequency of 30 (thirty) calendar days from the purchase. Each HAPPYDEMY® license renewal fee entitles the HAPPYDEMY® member to participate in all the provisions of the HAPPYDEMY® Economic Development Plan in force concerning the renewed license. Members are allowed to renew their HAPPYDEMY® account every thirty days. HAPPYDEMY® can reject the renewal of the account for severe and intentional violations of the HAPPYDEMY® Regulations and Policy, only after having ascertained that the attempts to find a joint agreement have failed. Any renewal accepted by HAPPYDEMY® will be effective from the date of renewal until the end of the following thirty calendar days. The terms of this renewal will be the terms and conditions of the HAPPYDEMY® Regulation in effect at the time of renewal. The renovation is considered accepted if not rejected by HAPPYDEMY® at the end of the renewal process itself.



The role of HAPPYDEMY® member can also be held by a legal entity (LTD, LLP, PLC or similar), provided that it complies with the following requirements and conditions. For legal entities, other options may be available that are authorized by HAPPYDEMY®; please contact HAPPYDEMY® for up-to-date information on this. The person who signs the Appointment Application in the name of a legal entity must be an authorized representative of the same, must personally fulfill the requirements established by the HAPPYDEMY® regulation, and must be the majority shareholder of the legal entity. This also applies to the person who succeeds the successor to the original holder of the legal entity. The legal entity could be asked to present, in addition to other documents, proof of the existence, the qualification to carry out the activity. May be required proof of compliance, a document is containing various information on the entity legal basis on the founders and the agreements between them, as well as information on the management of the legal entity, or other similar data and documentation, based on the requests of HAPPYDEMY®.



Member may not submit to HAPPYDEMY®, false statements, or induce HAPPYDEMY®, to accept the Appointment Application with false pretexts, or violate any declaration or guarantee, including, among other things, those contemplated in the HAPPYDEMY® Regulation and its Policies.



The Member must promptly inform HAPPYDEMY® about any information relating to the actual, alleged or threatened violation of the HAPPYDEMY® Regulations - including the Rules and Policies of HAPPYDEMY® or any applicable law or regulation - from another member.



Members must cooperate in the event of investigations undertaken by HAPPYDEMY® by the Procedures, as governed by these HAPPYDEMY® Regulations.



Members must not carry out activities, make statements or omit to make declarations for the promotion of the HAPPYDEMY® Activity, or activities related to it, that due to the context and circumstances are misleading, incorrect and inaccurate. Information on HAPPYDEMY® products, or the HAPPYDEMY® Economic Development plan, can only be quoted literally and taken from the official HAPPYDEMY® documentation and websites.



All members are responsible for notifying HAPPYDEMY® of any updating or modification of their data or the company contact person in the case of a legal person, as well as information on any change compared to what has already been communicated to HAPPYDEMY®.



All members are required to comply with the HAPPYDEMY® Privacy Policy, as well as to comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding data protection. HAPPYDEMY® is the owner of confidential information, proprietary rights and trade secrets relating to its products, activity, and Sponsorship Lines, as defined in these HAPPYDEMY® Regulations. The member acknowledges and accepts that all the Confidential Information is owned by HAPPYDEMY® at all times, and that, insofar as the member is allowed access to some Confidential Information, he will use the Confidential Information only for purposes related to the performance of the HAPPYDEMY® activity. Member may not transfer or disclose Confidential information to third parties, including to another member, except in accordance with the terms of the HAPPYDEMY® regulation, without prior written authorization from HAPPYDEMY®. The member acknowledges and agrees that any violation of this provision will cause irreparable damage to HAPPYDEMY®, which will be entitled to request an immediate injunction or other similar arrangements, to avoid further violations or disclosure of Confidential Information. These confidentiality obligations, under this provision, remain even in the event of termination of the relationship with HAPPYDEMY®.



Members may use the HAPPYDEMY® or other intellectual property trademarks or proprietary information belonging to HAPPYDEMY® or of which HAPPYDEMY® is a licensee, provided this is following the terms, conditions, and procedures outlined in these HAPPYDEMY® Regulations, including the Rules and the HAPPYDEMY® Policies. HAPPYDEMY® is and may be the licensee of certain registered trademarks, including, logos, service marks, and other intellectual and industrial property, including the name HAPPYDEMY®, as well as of various registered trademarks, trade names and service marks used in connection with the products and HAPPYDEMY® services. Members may use the intellectual property belonging to HAPPYDEMY® or of which HAPPYDEMY® is a licensee only with the prior written authorization of HAPPYDEMY® and by the conditions foreseen for the uses above unless otherwise indicated in these Regulations.



In the event of the death of the holder of the HAPPYDEMY® account, the HAPPYDEMY® Account may be transferred to the legitimate heirs, unless this transfer is in contrast with the local succession legislation, or has been otherwise decided in the deceased's will. If a member dies without leaving any written will, the succession laws will apply to transfer the HAPPYDEMY® Account, based on the country of residence.



If HAPPYDEMY® believes or assumes that a violation of the HAPPYDEMY® Regulation has occurred, or that there will be a risk of a breach of the Regulation, it may initiate investigations regarding the activity of the member responsible for the alleged infringement. HAPPYDEMY® may undertake the investigation mentioned above on its initiative or following a written complaint submitted to HAPPYDEMY® by another member. If a member presumes or believes that another member has violated the HAPPYDEMY® regulation by breaking the Rules, and is personally aware of the activities of those responsible for the alleged violation, he must communicate the suspected breach to HAPPYDEMY® in writing and provide all the related information. Upon receipt of the communication, as mentioned earlier, HAPPYDEMY® will inform the member in question of the complaint and request an immediate reply in this regard. If the complaint and response do not contain sufficient information to be able to decide in this regard, HAPPYDEMY® may request the parties involved to provide further information. HAPPYDEMY® will determine whether or not there has been a violation of the HAPPYDEMY® Regulations and the HAPPYDEMY® Policies. HAPPYDEMY® will forward a communication containing its decision. The notification will indicate the rules of the HAPPYDEMY® regulation subject to violation by the member, and the provisions that will come into force.



The appointment of all directors and administrators of the affiliated and participating companies of HAPPYDEMY® is at the sole discretion and decision of the HAPPYDEMY®.



If the member disagrees with the provisions adopted by HAPPYDEMY®, he/she may submit an examination request to the Dispute Examination Committee, within five days of receiving the order from HAPPYDEMY®. The Committee is composed by the CEO of HAPPYDEMY®, or his/her delegate, the sponsor of each member involved, or their representative, a lawyer jointly identified by the CEO and the sponsors of each member involved. The committee will decide by a certain provision as established by the HAPPYDEMY® Regulation in force at the time of the decision. The Member expressly renounces any claim for damages against HAPPYDEMY®, consequent to, or related to, any provision that HAPPYDEMY® could take in the scope of application of the HAPPYDEMY® Regulation.



The Member is the one who participates in the HAPPYDEMY® community, supporting its management, administration, development, maintenance, and marketing costs. The Member, by accepting these Rules, irrevocably delegates HAPPYDEMY® for the management of the platform, identifying and contracting the best professionals that can support HAPPYDEMY® in the management activity as mentioned above.



The HAPPYDEMY® community grants the Member a bonus for the development and increase of the community itself, as well as the personal well-being of the Member himself. The bonus is paid based on a predetermined percentage, as described by the Economic Development Plan created by the community itself, in force at the time of admission of the new Member and based on the planned activities.



HAPPYDEMY® is the first ALL IN ONE platform in the world. Members are the heart of the HAPPYDEMY® platform; they are the community that creates, participates, and uses our new world. Within HAPPYDEMY®, Members finally have the opportunity to be themselves as protected and loved by the entire community. Human beings no longer are numbers. The HAPPYDEMY® community is based on real and concrete sharing, where the community takes care of one, and everyone takes care of the community. The definitive transformation of being, in a context where everyone has the same goal, the "Nosce te Ipsum" to know oneself. An economy based on knowledge and the fundamental values ​​of life: Love, Harmony, Respect, Freedom, Brotherhood, Equality, and Responsibility. HAPPYDEMY® is the first platform in the world where the Member transforms his words, thoughts, and creations into real well-being. Personal growth combined with an extraordinary evolutionary environment, and a tremendous economic opportunity based on the actual value of every single person. In HAPPYDEMY®, you are what you are, and you are what is your worth. The Member will no longer be judged by previous titles but will be considered for what it is. It will be his care to increase his potential and his qualities. In HAPPYDEMY®, there are no prejudicial distinctions based on labels (race, religion, politics, support, membership, etc.). All are accepted and respected, as long as the same is given to others.

HAPPYDEMY® is a self-sustaining community from each Member, where it participates entirely in covering all management, administration, development, and maintenance costs.

This allows our community to remain independent and free. In HAPPYDEMY® you do not buy products and services, but through the monthly payment of the licenses created, the whole community supports its maintenance costs and contributes to the personal well-being of the other Members, through the recognition of bonuses for the development and increase of the community and own well-being. A new world available to our community. A single platform where all our members protect themselves.

HAPPYDEMY® acts as a guarantor on:

- Transactions

- Identifications

- Respect rules

- General behavior


- Privacy

- Personal Identity Protection

- Project Management


Access to HAPPYDEMY® is allowed by invitation only. All Members are obliged to verify their identity within 30 days from the date of registration. Each Member has a promo code. The promo code serves to invite other members. The Member can receive bonuses based on the protections. The community, through the HAPPYDEMY® platform which acts as a guarantor, grants the Member a bonus, both for the presentation of other Members and for activities carried out within the community itself, to allow the community to expand and to enjoy the benefits that the HAPPYDEMY® community aims to achieve.



HAPPYCOIN have been created to facilitate transactions within HAPPYDEMY® and are its internal unit of measurement. This allows you to make contributions to individual users, on individual projects, and will enable you to buy products and services present in the HAPPYDEMY® STORE.

The value of a single HAPPYCOIN is € 0.01



HAPPYCOIN can be purchased by bank transfer and credit card, debit, or prepaid card.



All planned bonuses are paid in HAPPYCOIN. Bonuses can derive from:

- A member of the community

- From an activity performed inside the platform

- In recognition of purchases made by the sponsorship line

- From global shares made by HAPPYDEMY®

Ranks and qualifications are the membership levels that a Member can obtain based on the activities performed within HAPPYDEMY® as described in the Economic Development Plan



The "Made by HAPPYDEMY®" brand indicates all products, services, and projects entirely designed, created and developed by HAPPYDEMY®.

HAPPYDEMY® certifies these products and services.



The "Powerd by HAPPYDEMY®" mark indicates all products, services, and projects designed by third parties belonging to the community, which require support from HAPPYDEMY® for their financing and development. These can either be dedicated to the HAPPYDEMY® community or external, public sources.



With the creation of HAPPYDEMY®, HAPPYDEMY® succeeded in creating the 360 ​​° Market for the first time in the history of the internet. Potentially HAPPYDEMY® has no expansion limits and can incorporate any market.

The markets in which HAPPYDEMY® will not intend to operate are, by way of example but not limited to:

- Energy

- Fuels

- Banking / Finance

- Medical / Pharmaceutical




For the rest, HAPPYDEMY® will guarantee the creation of everything that the community itself will require.



HAPPYDEMY® is the evolution of a world that for too long has remained static in certain beliefs. A reverse world, led by few that are taking advantage of the many. HAPPYDEMY® has decided to go in another direction.



The Member may request registration only through another Member.

Once registered, the Member can use the services available to the community, paying the required contribution fee.



The community is born as self-sustained and self-protected. For this reason, an economic development plan has been created that allows the complete community management in the creation of the services requested by the community itself. Each internal service is divided into self-sustaining contributions, distributed as follows:

30% Marketing and advertising for community expansion

35% Costs and Management

24% Founders contribution

11% Research and Development Promotion Support Fund



The HAPPYDEMY® community is one.

The same recognizes to every member that promotes the development of the community, a bonus.

This bonus is recognized and quantified differently depending on the role held by the member within the community.

The roles that can be covered within the community are to

- Member

- Moderator

- Supervisor

- National Councilor

- International Councilor

- Grand Council

- Corporate

The Member is the individual who joins the HAPPYDEMY® community.

The Moderator is the Member who has distinguished himself within the community for his activities.

The Supervisor is the chief referent of the Moderators.

The National Councilor is the Member elected by the Members of the nation to which he belongs. Only Premium members can apply to the election.

The International Councilor is the Member who participates in international meetings and is the Member who stands out for the activities carried out in HAPPYDEMY®. The President of the National Council represents them.

The Grand Council is the decision-making body of HAPPYDEMY®. It is composed of 22 Members chosen by HAPPYDEMY® based on the activities performed.

 The Corporate is the corporate body that administers all administrative, bureaucratic and business issues.



Contribution fees

Each member of the community, to participate in it, bears the costs of managing, administering, developing, maintaining and marketing the community as well as providing for the welfare of the individual members of the community.

The Bonus recognized by the community to the Member, for the promotion of the services offered by Happydemy®, is based only on the number of Members registered directly by each Member, through their own "Promo code".



Credits in HAPPYDEMY® were created to facilitate transactions within the HAPPYDEMY® platform and are the internal economic unit of measurement.

To get hold of Happydemy® credits, each Member can buy them only within the Happydemy® platform, paying them with conventional currency.

Each credit, purchasable and usable in Happydemy®, has a value in euros of € 0.10.

Credits can be purchased in packages.

This allows each Member to be able to make multi-contributions in favor of every other Member.

In this way, the activities carried out by each Member within the platform, have the possibility of being rewarded with real money, as the Member can reconvert the credits available in conventional currency, at any time.

The Member can purchase, use, donate, and convert the credits, at his discretion.



Credits can only be used within the HAPPYDEMY® platform.

Credits can be used for various activities within the Social, such as creating posts, adding photos, videos, putting Happy to other posts, commenting on posts, creating Pages, groups, blog events, and all related internal activities.



Free o Premium

Personal Profile - Personal page where to share posts, photos and videos

Page - Promotional page for individuals (the sale of products or services is prohibited)

Group - Page reserved for a specific content

Articles - Page reserved for specific articles (Blog)

Discussions - Page dedicated to various topics

Events - Page dedicated to the creation of events

Weather - Pages dedicated to weather forecasts

Crowdfunding - Page dedicated to the development of new projects

FAQ (visualization) - All HAPPYDEMY® guidelines

Photo / Photo Album - Section dedicated to your photos and the creation of Albums

Video / Video Album - Section dedicated to videos and video album creation

Music (Listening) - Section dedicated to listening to Happydemy Music

News (reading) - Section dedicated to Happydemy® News

Contest (participation) - Section dedicated to contest participation

Job (display and application) - Section dedicated to job offers

Businesses (visualization) - Page dedicated to companies

Store (display and purchases) - The Happydemy® Shopping Center

Network - Connection with people who share the same interests.


Types of Profiles (Physical Person)

- Artists (sub-categories available)

- Athletes (sub-categories available)

- Actors (sub-categories available)

- Authors (Books and Publications)

- Blogger

- Chef

- Comedians

- Dance (sub-categories available)

- Designer (sub-categories available)

- Digital Creator (sub-categories available)

- Publisher (sub-categories available)

- Entrepreneur (available sub-categories)

- Fashion Designer (sub-categories available)

- Fashion Model (sub-categories available)

- Journalist (sub-categories available)

- Musicians (sub-categories available)

- Musicians / Bands (sub-categories available)

- Photographers (sub-categories available)

- Producer (sub-categories available)

- Scientist (sub-categories available)

- Spiritual Guide (sub-categories available)

- Talent Agent (available sub-categories)

- Writer (sub-categories available)



Credits can be converted by HAPPYDEMY® through HAPPYDEMY®.com, a virtual and management office.

The conversion can be done through the appropriate section, by clicking on "My Wallet" (Portfolio) and then clicking on the "Transfer" section.

Once the number of credits to be transferred has been selected, these will be converted into the current currency and entered in the special section "Wallet" (Portfolio), present in HAPPYDEMY®.com.

The conversion is unidirectional, so once the Credits have been converted, these will no longer be available in the HAPPYDEMY® Academy.



The rules for Members are fundamental. The same is used to keep HAPPYDEMY® a clean and harmonious environment. For this reason, Members take the responsibility to follow and apply them.

For this reason, certain types of topics that lead to a lowering and change of mood within people are prohibited.

It is forbidden, within HAPPYDEMY®, to treat, disclose, disseminate by any means, as well as to discuss all the issues detailed explicitly in the section: PUBLIC PROHIBITED TOPICS, as well as TOPICS PROHIBITED AT PRIVATE LEVEL, under penalty of immediate closure of your account of Member, with exclusion from the HAPPYDEMY® Community.



(Notice boards, public groups, public pages, public events, blogs)

Politics: Political-based discussions trigger instinctive reactions based on the defense of one's territory and therefore raise the level of internal stress to the main organs. The policy can be discussed in the dedicated sections.

Religion: Discussions based on religion (without real constructive knowledge) lead to a non-commensurate doctrinal closure. HAPPYDEMY® respects all personal beliefs and all the greatest recognized and unknown doctrines, but at the same time, no faith can be considered better than another. Furthermore, discussions based on religions trigger reactions of mental closure and protection, not allowing the person to be able to evolve in different directions.

Religion can be discussed in the dedicated sections.

Sport: Cheering is undoubtedly beautiful and passionate, but the entertainment machine created around it has led to total mass distraction. For this reason, all those classic posts "your team sucks," "thieves" and immense useless chat on a goal or a basket, are unnecessary and create discussions that alter the mood of the people involved.

Fake News (false news): False news, chains and any attempt at manipulation are forbidden. This does not remove the maximum freedom of opinion and expression, but the sources must always be real. This does not mean coming from official media, but the source must always be demonstrable.

Wars, death, violence, and poverty: All news concerning death and destruction are forbidden. HAPPYDEMY® is born to bring happiness to people's lives. News of people dying, diseases, generic violence (animals, people, and things), desperation and poverty are to be kept out of our lives, as thoughts create reality and reality is created by what we think of ourselves before and the surrounding world after.

Pornography and child pornography: Sex and love are among the most beautiful things in our lives, but pornography was created to work on instinctive primordial impulses and above all was created to take away, especially from man, the primordial progenitor force of his strength. Every man will compare himself to the actor and therefore will question his ability and his result on a sexual level towards every woman he will meet in his life, only to discover,  in adult age, that it was all a lie.

Children are untouchable. Child pornography is not only forbidden but also not tolerated. In the case of allegations or demonstrations of sexual interest towards children, the Member will be immediately reported to the competent authorities, concerning the current legislation, and will be placed in the public pillory, about the internal laws of HAPPYDEMY®.

Weapons and drugs: Any discussion regarding the sale or use of firearms and drugs is strictly prohibited.

Gambling: The funny game is undoubtedly a source of entertainment and in many cases of significant growth, but gambling is not suitable for everyone. Some people use it only at the level of pastime and fun, but for many others, too many, gambling becomes an obsession that often leads to real illness. So gaming is forbidden.



Fake News (false news): False news, chains and any attempt at manipulation are forbidden. This does not remove the maximum freedom of opinion and expression, but the sources must always be real. This does not mean coming from official media, but the source must always be demonstrable.

Wars, death, violence, and poverty: All news concerning death and destruction are forbidden. HAPPYDEMY® is born to bring happiness to people's lives. News of people dying, diseases, generic violence (animals, people, and things), desperation and poverty are to be kept out of our lives, as thoughts create reality and reality is created by what we think of ourselves before and the surrounding world after.

Pornography and child pornography: Sex and love are among the most beautiful things in our lives, but pornography was created to work on instinctive primordial impulses and above all was created to take away, especially from man, the primordial progenitor force of his strength. Every man will compare himself to the actor and therefore will question his ability and his result on a sexual level towards every woman he will meet in his life, only to discover,  in adult age, that it was all a lie.

Children are untouchable. Child pornography is not only forbidden but also not tolerated. In the case of allegations or demonstrations of sexual interest towards children, the Member will be immediately reported to the competent authorities, concerning the current legislation, and will be placed in the public pillory, about the internal laws of HAPPYDEMY®.

Weapons and drugs: Any discussion regarding the sale or use of firearms and drugs is strictly prohibited.



The payment of income taxes, for all sums of money recognized and conferred to the Member by HAPPYDEMY®, will always be attributable solely to the Member himself. So it will be responsible for providing the declaration of all the income recognized and conferred to the Member by HAPPYDEMY® to the Member's country of residence, to which revenue is recognized and assigned. Tax is applied only when the earnings are withdrawn and collected in your current account and card.

The credits, until they are withdrawn, do not require the payment of any tax as they are used exclusively for internal use on the platform.



All users are required to verify their identity no later than 30 days from the date of registration. Verification is required for several important reasons.

All our users must be real. Double or false accounts are not allowed. Identity theft is not permitted.

In case of failure to verify within 30 days from the registration date, the Member's account in question will be automatically blocked and will lose all rights that may have been acquired.

In case of use of purchased products, the Member still loses the right to use.



The Member can receive bonuses and commissions based on the number of registered Members through his invitation, and only if he has one or more licenses in Happydemy®.

All the commissions received can be taken from your "Wallet" in Happydemy®.

Commissions can only be paid to a current account held by the user.

For each withdrawal, there is a community contribution of 10% of the requested sum, which will be withheld at the time of the request.


London May, 8 2019